Gold - Peace - FreedomThe Establishment media has been doing their best to ignore Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, but his message of peace, liberty, fiscal sanity, and sound money continues to gain support and resonate across America!

Ron Paul Scores With Born-Again Christians

Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and Michele Bachmann were there. So was Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum. But Ron Paul stole the show at the Value Voters Summit.

Paul quoted from the Bible effortlessly moving in and out of scriptural texts to make his points. The speech was constantly interrupted by standing ovations.

Paul's victory underscores his near statistical tie with Michele Bachmann in the Iowa Straw Poll last August in Ames. Sixty percent of the caucus-goers in Iowa are born-again Christians. If Paul can win with this crowd, he can win in Iowa.

This author is a born-again Christian. Many of us are moving to Ron Paul because we realize that the best way to protect our religious liberties is to get back to the Constitution and protect everybody else's liberties as well.

Ron Paul Wins California GOP Straw Poll

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul won a California GOP straw poll Saturday night, The Sacramento Bee reported.

The Texas congressman picked up just under 45 percent of the 833 ballots cast at the state party convention in downtown Los Angeles.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, considered the clear frontrunner in the nomination battle, came in second with 29 percent of the vote.

Ron Paul #1 in Iowa 2012 GOP Presidential Power Rankings

Ron Paul — The Texas congressman surges to the top of our rankings for the first time, but not without caution. "If the caucuses were held today, [Paul] would win because he's the only candidate with an excited base and an excellent organization," a panelist noted.

The Democratic-leaning polling firm Public Policy Polling recently showed Ron Paul in a statistical dead-heat with President Barack Obama too.

America's DoctorDespite the "fact that Congressman Paul has received less than half the amount of speaking time as Romney (and less than any other candidate)", more and more Americans have decided to look to the good doctor to fill the prescriptions America desperately needs.

Oh, and that tired-old brainwashed "Ron Paul Is Crazy" refrain isn't packing the punch that it used to either. How could it? The American people know quite well that there's nothing crazier than our current status quo!

The raw nakedness of the media-invented "electability" concept has finally been exposed. But don't think the lies, distortions, and blackouts will stop any time soon. After all, Ron Paul represents a serious existential threat to Washington, DC, and the Establishment isn't going to go down without a fight.

Ignoring Ron Paul Has Reached Comic Proportions

Yesterday, Ron Paul won the Los Angeles County straw poll. He had more votes than Romney and Cain combined. It was a small gathering but a confirmation of Paul's much larger victory in the California State Straw Poll last month.

And like the California Poll, it was virtually ignored by the national media. They prefer to bask in denial and focus on Herman Cain's showing in the recent Florida straw poll whose delegates were actually chosen last summer.

The distorted media coverage or lack of coverage of presidential candidate Ron Paul can sometimes reach comic proportions.

Yesterday the New York Daily News solemnly told its readers that Herman Cain, having just raised $8 million, was third in fundraising in the Republican field, right behind Romney and Perry. Don't they wish.

The truth is that Ron Paul is third and he is the candidate that raised the $8 million, not Herman Cain.

The Ron Paul news blackout

I am glad that Ron Paul raised between $2 million and $3 million from his super-bomb tied to the news blackout against him ...

It is amazing that Paul, who has serious ideas and a serious following, has received comparatively little attention compared to, say, Donald Trump. He is right about this, and I am glad he raised money in response to this.

For now, I think Ron Paul has a valid complaint. I think there are dramatic biases in far too many places in the media. I think some voices are blacked out while others are promoted every day. I think this is wrong whenever it occurs, by whomever the culprit.

Maybe you don't support Ron Paul's candidacy, that's okay. Please just think about what this shameless blackout of a candidate polling dead even with a sitting president (according to Rasmussen Reports), says about the media coverage of your favorite candidate.

Are you sure they're accurately "reporting" the news? Or are they pushing an Establishment version of pro-wrestling and/or reality TV?

Ron Paul Media Blackout Confirmed

What the mainstream media and Republican Establishment hates more than anything about Ron Paul is, his limited-government consistency. They hate Paul's consistency because it holds their feet to the fire, exposing their lies, endless flip-flops, and naked quest for power.

The principled consistency of Ron Paul

Ron Paul is a consistent man. He's been preaching the same economic gospel for two generations ... convinced for decades of the dangers of fiat money ... the primacy of personal liberty as a political principle, and a laissez faire approach to the economy.

Paul believes and says the same things now that he said 40 years ago, but that's a minor type of consistency. People learn and change over the decades, and that's usually praiseworthy, not a sign of moral weakness. If Paul came to political and economic principles 40 years ago that are as true and bright to him today as they were then, that's fine, but that's not what's admirable or important about his consistency.

What's important about Paul is that his ideas are ideologically consistent. They spring from a set of principles, and he's not afraid to let his ideas go where his principles take them.

Ron Paul has the courage of his convictions.

Ron Paul's unifying message is the same message that our Constitution delivers; individual freedom and limited government.Mainstream Republican candidates always claim to oppose Big Government. Establishment-backed candidates always claim a desire to reduce government. But as you and I both know, mainstream Establishment-backed Republican candidates never, ever, deliver. In fact, they grow the size and scope of government instead.

This is why more and more conservatives "cannot simply reject" Ron Paul anymore, while others have "decided to back" Ron Paul for president!

Ron Paul: The last honest Republican standing

Love him or loathe him, Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) is the real deal. He doesn't play games. He is who he says he is. His policies may startle, threaten, or even please you, but he never panders. And he definitely is not Plastic Man.

Last Tuesday, Ron Paul was the only honest Republican on the stage. Maybe because he doesn't hold his finger up to see which way the political winds are blowing. Unlike his GOP opponents, he never flips and flops over the issue du jour.

[U]nlike his opponents ... With Ron Paul, what you see is what you get.

That's what's refreshing about Ron Paul.

Maybe the media's mantra to the contrary has swayed you, but the reality is that Ron Paul is a serious and formidable candidate for president of the United States. Why else do you think the other Republican candidates keep trying to copy his ideas?

How Ron Paul Won the Debate — Again

Congressman Ron Paul won the Republican debate last night, and not for the first time, by holding his fire and saying almost nothing until, almost in unison, the whole group of candidates and questioners turned to him, and cheerfully so, for wisdom. It became clear that they understand it is Dr. Paul who has the grasp of the central problem at the bottom of our economic troubles — the lack of sound money.

The first glimpse of this came nine minutes into the debate. It followed Speaker Gingrich's tirade against the chairman of the Federal Reserve's board of governors, Ben Bernanke.

"So, Congressman Paul," interjected Karen Tumulty of the Washington Post, "where do you come down on this?"

It is fascinating to watch the appreciative laughter that greeted her question. Everyone at the table understood that Dr. Paul was way out in front of them, and the Texas libertarian gave his first glimpse of why. "One thing I might say is that we have made some inroads on the Federal Reserve. We passed a bill last year, we got a partial audit of the Fed. We've learned a whole lot. They were dealing in 15 trillion dollars, five trillion went overseas to bail out foreign banks."

The second Ron Paul moment was again set up by Speaker Gingrich, who was railing about how the Treasury Secretaries Paulson and Geithner and Mr. Bernanke "didn't have a clue." At that point Charlie Rose ... turned to the question of housing and asked Dr. Paul whether he would get the Federal government out of housing. "Absolutely," Dr. Paul replied. "No credit?" Mr. Rose asked. "No Freddie Mac, Fannie mae, no nothing?"

"No. That's where the distortions come," Dr. Paul replied. "That's where the moral hazard comes from, that's where the mal-investment . . . It was predictable. You talked about what economists we should look to. And unfortunately we've been living with Keynesian economics for many, many decades, and everybody who was right about predicting the bubbles were Austrian economists."

It was a Ron Paul classic. He came back to the issue again, when the candidates were given the chance to question one another directly. Dr. Paul turned to Herman Cain, a former director of the Federal Reserve Bank at Kansas City, and asked him about his past opposition to an audit. He was met with denials and the advice that one has to be careful about what one sees on the internet. The Paul campaign promptly put up on the Web clips that made it clear that Dr. Paul had not misquoted him.

We don't mean to suggest that there were not some fine moments delivered last night by some of the other candidates ... What was struck us, though, was the degree to which the others were "tinkering," as Dr. Paul put it, while Dr. Paul kept his eye on the main issue bedeviling the economy today, which is the lack of a sound and stable dollar. It was a winning performance.

And last but not least, as National Review's John Derbyshire points out, Ron Paul is indeed "electable."

Dr. Paul has won 12 elections in places that look a lot like America. "Unelectable" doesn't seem like such an apt word to be using. I shall stop using it.

Or as Mark McKinnon, who made ads for Bush's presidential bids, put it: "If the economy stays the same or gets worse, Republicans could nominate Ron Paul and win."

Ron Paul for president 2012

Ron Paul's most recent appearance on Meet the Press (October 23, 2011):

  • Chris Wysocki

    Meanwhile, back here on Earth, Ron Paul has "surged," into 4th place, behind Cain, Romney, and Gingrich. Straw polls don't mean squat; they're beauty contests heavily weighted toward whoever can bus in the most supporters. When he wins a primary, or jumps out in front of Cain and Romney in a CBS or Gallup poll, Ron Paul will get all the news coverage he craves. Until then, not so much.

    • Trestin

      The thing his numbers and fundraising (the real measure of a long campaign) are consistent and growing. Excluding Romney, all the other candidates are boom and bust.

    • freeman

      If Ron Paul won the presidency, I could just see the headlines the next day: "Barack Obama Takes Second In Election!"

    • Doug

      I think you have it backwards.. Anyone can answer a land line or park their rump in front of a computer and take a poll. Straw polls show the willingness of the people to actually get up off their butts and go show their support. They PAY to vote, rain or shine. Whoever has the most of those ambitious people will be the on in the driver's seat.

    • Loni

      Why would anyone trust the Same BIG MEDIA that OBVIOUSLY HATES Ron Paul (and has for 30 years now) to give us a "fair Poll"???

      I see Polls here in Ohio that Hes 3rd...yet i travel throughout the state 6 days a week for work and have never come across...ONE...Cain Supporter????

      But Cain is Winning Ohio????

      Meantime i cant drive to get a cup of coffee here without seeing a few Ron Paul Signs in peoples yards.

      Ron Paul Wins the Ohio Straw Poll last weekend with like 55% of the Vote------Never saw a single story about it on ANY Major Media.

      Kinda odd, since they ALL went APE SHIET of Cain "winnning" a CLOSE DOOR "vote count" Straw Poll in FL.

      .....and you think we should TRUST the likes of ABC to give us a "fair Poll"????? NOT.

  • George Washington

    Ron Paul 2012 Please!


  • Harry

    Amazing how a "candidate" who is not even a candidate can get more coverage... Palin is in 4th place in the chart above! With a little work and some luck, the social web will make the dinosaur media obsolete within a couple of years, then real people - real people - will give coverage in a truthful, organic way...

  • George Washington

    Ron Paul 2012!

  • daniel

    i just cant understand how anyone could listen to Ron Paul and not support him, he has more patriotism in his pinkie than all of the other clowns put together !!!!

  • Loni

    If Ron Paul could get..1/10th..the BIG MEDIA "Coverage" as Rick Perry this Race would be Over...FACT!

    I love all of the Spin about hes not "Electable"...but ALL of the Other Men are.

    Rick Perry----"Im so "Conservative" i want to Give..Your Money...To Illegal aliens." (Hes "Electable"??)

    Mitt Romney---"Im so "Conservative" that i support Big Government Healthcare and Gun Control Laws." (hes "Electable")

    Herman Cain---"Im so "Conservative" i have a Tax Plan that going to Increase Taxes on 85% of America...and My 999 is actually 999 + a 17% PayRoll Tax on Working Americans PayChecks" (and hes "electable"??)

    Newt Gingrich---"I have such "Strong Conservsative Family Values" that I Ditched my Wife and Children...and Ran Off with Another Woman......3 Times !!!" (and Hes "electable"??)

    Its a JOKE---the TRUTH is that Ron Paul is the MOST ELECTABLE of the Pack. Hes the ONLYONE running who can pull in INDY and even "Regan Democrat" Voters While still being able to draw the GOP Base and the TeaParty (that RON PAUL FOUNDED..and NEVER get Credit for!)

    Rick Perry---Cant Win ANYWHERE--hes a BIG MEDIA CREATION
    Mitt Romney--Cant Win in the South and many Christians will not vote for a Mormon...just the Way things are!

    Herman Cain---CANT WIN---3/4 of the GOP Base would STAY HOME rather than vote to give themselves a TAX INCREASEHes another BIG MEDIA CREATION
    Newt Gingrich---CANT WIN---What Woman in this Nation is going to Vote for the guy??

    The FACT is that the..ONLY WAY...the GOP Wins this election is with Ron Paul....BOOK IT !

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