Rule 5 Update

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Google decided to disable my AdSense account due to "ADULT/SEXUALLY GRATIFYING" material, specifically citing my Rule 5 posts (which I've been posting for going on 4 years now).

While far from being a "money-maker," AdSense does (or has anyway) covered the hard costs of this blog, so I do have to take this seriously. Then make some changes before I appeal Google's decision.

If anyone has any experience with this, and/or some (at least somewhat) educated guesses, please offer your advice in the comments below. I'd very much appreciate your input!

In the meantime, see … Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup!

  • Randy

    I was with Google Adsense for 11 years. Had month on month income until about this time last year.
    I received an email late one night informing me that my Adsense account had been disabled. I realized since this was my primary income source that I had to appeal their decision as I felt it was an error and that I had done nothing unethical or against their rules to warrant their decision.
    Their explanation was vague under than some clicks put the advertisers at risk. Since I operated 11 websites, I didn't even know which site the problem came from.
    I investigated all the avenue's that I could conceive of, filed the appeal and was politely denied and told if I tried to appeal again that they most likely would not look into it again...In other words, go away.
    In looking into all the legal avenues that I had, I learned real quick from my attorney that Google has dotted their I's and crossed their T's twice.
    Google can disable an Adsense account at any time for any reason...just as you can do the same...all money in your account is supposedly returned to the advertisers.
    Fact: 99.5% of disabled accounts loose their appeal.
    I've since found some other avenues, but not near the income.
    Feel free to email me if you want.

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  • William Teach

    Seriously? Good grief. You know the kind of R rated stuff, and sometimes XXX, I run across using Google images when I'm looking for my If All You Can See... posts, and I have it set to "safe search". And they give you crap over this?.