Edward Snowden told Americans the truth about how their own government secretly spies on them. Pundits and Ruling Class fanbois are outraged.

Edward Snowden: Paranoid Goofball or America-Hating Douchebag?

Edward Snowden, who came forward June 9 to identify him as the source of the NSA leaks, also denounced President Obama for preventing investigations of "systemic violations of law," and suggested the U.S. government might try "to cover this up by jailing or murdering me." …
In his online Q-and-A hosted by the British Guardian newspaper, Snowden said U.S. officials are lying about government surveillance programs. "Seeing someone in the position of James Clapper — the Director of National Intelligence — baldly lying to the public without repercussion is the evidence of a subverted democracy," Snowden said. "The consent of the governed is not consent if it is not informed."

Right: Don't trust the president. Don't trust Gen. Clapper.

Don't trust America's "subverted democracy."

Trust the president? Trust James Clapper? You've got to be kidding me!

President Barack Obama is a liar. He lied about the recent IRS scandal; he lied about Benghazi; he lies about all sorts of stuff all of the time. Obama lies about lying. He's now lying about Big Brother. Even the Democrats admit that his pants are on fire.

His entire administration is chock full of liars. But that's what politicians do. They lie. And why politicians should never be trusted.

Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, is a liar too. As Sen. Rand Paul told CNN, Clapper "did directly lie to Congress, which is against the law." Even worse, the logical implications of this impeachable offense means plenty of other administration officials have been bald-faced lying too.

NSA Director Keith Alexander … also a big fat liar.

Trust 'em? You must be smokin' crack.

Yeah, but, um, what about that Edward Snowden guy, huh?

Whistleblower Edward Snowden

The Rise of the Snowden Truthers

People have been working overtime this past month trying to turn Edward Snowden into some kind of monster. Scurrying as they are to avoid even the slightest hint of sunlight, this behavior is expected of the cockroaches who occupy Washington, DC. But what's up with everyone else? Why help the State draw attention away from its ubiquitous surveillance of honest, everyday hard-working Americans?

The NSA's self-appointed Praetorian Guard insists that the pervasive spying apparatus aimed at American citizens isn't the story, that it's really about Edward Snowden the man. So eager to push a "narrative" that will hopefully take eyes off the government's domestic spying program, they demonize, smear, amateur pop-psychoanalyze, and spin utterly ridiculous conspiracy theories about Snowden. But outside of the Ruling Class' narrow and vain self-interests, there's no point to such naked diversions. So why assist the narrative?

What matters here is that the government — the same bipartisan government that has ruthlessly buried Americans under $222 trillion of debt — has brazenly lied about its spying on American citizens. This shameless abuse of power and outright backstabbing of the American people represents a clear and present danger to what little remains of our liberties. Yet we get lame attempts to smear and crucify the man who simply informed the public about Leviathan's gang of Peeping Toms?

Do you think it's cool that the NSA's warrantless surveillance can be used to intimidate/blackmail/coerce political opponents? Are you okay with politically-motivated harassment? Are you comfortable with a government that intimidates and harasses journalists? Do you love Big Brother so much that you're willing to smear a young man you know next to nothing about, in defense of an American Staatssicherheitsdienst?

Yeah, but …

Snowden dropped out of high school! BFD. How does that exonerate the Ruling Class of anything?

Snowden broke the law! As Thomas Jefferson noted in a letter to Isaac Tiffany, the "law is often but the tyrant's will." Remember, we all commit 3 felonies per day. Besides, what if the law is unjust? You know, like violating the Fourth Amendment … And since we're so concerned about breaking the law and everything, how 'bout condemning those Ruling Class perjurers instead of blindly sucking up to sticking up for them?

He's a geek! Like OMG, get out the pitchforks now! What a sad, pathetic smear. I think it tells us more about the smear artists than it does about Snowden.

Snowden caused the US "irreversible and significant damage"! I'm calling bullshit right here and now. Do you really think al Qaeda or whomever has been oblivious to American surveillance up until now? Seriously. If they're that stupid, you have nothing to fear but yourselves (and no excuse for defending a surveillance state that literally turned an ex-Stasi boss green with envy as well).

The FBI are masters at thwarting their own terrorist plots. Do you really think they need to collect and store Grandma's metadata to catch their very own manufactured terrorists? C'mon now. Get real. But any minute now, I'm sure of it, they'll finally find Curveball's infamous weapons of mass destruction.

What about the NSA themselves, haven't they foiled a bunch of terror plots? Nope. The NSA's "success" at catching terrorists is just more cheap talk out of the mouths of proven liars. Why would anyone believe a word they say? Then again, they did nab Marine veteran Brandon Raub for, um, nothing. But that's something, right?

Let's not forget too, your beloved Surveillance Suprastate failed spectacularly in Boston this past April. Or did they? Perhaps they got exactly what they wanted all along … ???

Snowden fled to Communist China! You mean Hong Kong, which according to the conservative Heritage Foundation, is the freest country in the world. Scary, huh? In fanboi defense though, I do suppose anyone supporting the NSA's all-seeing eye would find any country considered freer than the old USSR America absolutely terrifying. The "land of the free," btw, comes in at a lowly #10.

But what about Russia and Ecuador? What's up with that?

Wanting to avoid an authoritarian regime out to get you makes sense, doesn't it? Would you like to be condemned to "solitary confinement in a windowless room 23 hours a day and forced to sleep naked without pillows or blankets" before receiving any form of trial, for simply telling the American people the truth? I didn't think so.

Thomas Drake took his information on warrantless wiretapping straight to Congress. You know, the "proper channels" and all. The fedgov ruined his life for doing so. C'mon, is it really that hard to understand why Snowden chose to get the hell out of Dodge?

Snowden obviously (and logically) doesn't want to be thrown in a cage by the US federal government. Like most Americans, he doesn't trust the habitually lying regime, correctly assumes he won't receive a fair trial. Self-governing Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China, a country with no interest in helping the US regime. Russia doesn't have much interest in helping them either. While they most likely have their own cynical reasons for helping Snowden, he's obviously using them to protect himself. After all, neither is very likely to get bullied by Washington, DC.

Ecuador makes sense for asylum too. No extradition for offenses "of a political character". Besides, like Matthew Feeney says, "If the choice is prison in a comparatively free country or freedom in a comparatively authoritarian country, who can blame Snowden for the picking the latter?"

Snowden Trutherism reminds me a lot of Andrew Sullivan's sad Trig Trutherism, except his trutherism was never more than low-grade tabloid gossip. Snowden Trutherism reeks of low-grade tabloid gossip too, but its purpose is far more nefarious. Because the attempt to divert attention away from Uncle Sam's Orwellian Mass Surveillance State is clearly a rear guard tactic to keep the Ruling Class — especially government spies and the military — above and beyond suspicion.

In other words, to protect the order and structure of the Ancien Régime.