Bread, Circus, and Rule 5 Rock 'n' Roll!

Chickenfoot: "Sexy Little Thing"

Well, she got back and up front
She's everything any country boy need
Inside is outside
Now what you see is what she got up her sleeve

I'm talkin' tan leather and wild honey
Heaven fields on a sunny day
All five senses, they're poppin' atcha
Now my little friend is comin' out to play

I just love, love, love that sexy little thing
I love, love, love, wooh, that sexy little thing

I wanna roll all up in it
Get my sticky fingers all squeaky clean
It's stretched out and how it fit
I got my buttons poppin' off my chest

I just love, love, love, wooh that sexy little thing
I love, love, love, that sexy little thing
Sexy little thing

She can drive while I get wasted
A stoner's dream on a Friday night
Jump on it

Jump on it
Uh huh
Come on, baby
Oh yeah, c'mon
Well, well, well, well, well

Love, love, love that sexy little thing
I love, love, love, that sexy little thing
Love, love, love
Love, love, love, I love that sexy little thing
Sexy little thing

Come on, come on
Jump on it
She got it, she got it

Love, love, love

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    Sex, fast cars and rock 'n it all covered this week, CL!

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