Oh, no!

Arguing that maybe a Republican "win" isn't all it's cracked up to be, a commenter at American Conservative notes:

A Republican House majority starting next year most likely makes Boehner and Cantor “our” spokesmen and the ones responsible for advancing “our” agenda. This is the political equivalent of getting out of a car that had just been driven into a telephone pole by a drunkard, finding a new car, and then handing the keys to the drunkard for another spin around the block in the hope that something different will happen. "It's been five minutes, so he must be sober by now! He knows to watch out for telephone poles now." It would be one thing to have trustworthy leadership that deserved respect trying to advance our agenda. They might succeed, or they might not, but we could assume that for the most part they were not actively conning us and abusing our trust. We could assume that they were actually working for our agenda rather than serving interests that have nothing to do with it. If the GOP falls short, it is hard to see how the current leadership remains in place. House Republicans could then make up for lost time and replace them.

For a while, I had assumed that the path to "victory" began with the discrediting of Bush Era party leaders and Bush loyalists in the conservative movement ... Instead, what we are about to get is the re-empowerment of unreformed, unrepentant Bush Era Republicans with some Tea Partiers in tow, and we all understand that the latter are not going to be allowed to have much influence on legislation.

Exactly. Never forget that Boehner championed TARP, No Child Left Behind, Prescription Drug Welfare and other statist swag. Boehner is not conservative in any meaningful sense of the word.

Politicians are not your friend. They're not on your "team." Cut them no slack.

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