The time for saber rattling is upon us.

Take The Power Back!

Piecing Together a Defense

The politicians in Washington DC are hard at work killing the American dream and replacing it with an engineered American pipe dream.

From Wikipedia:

A pipe dream is a fantastic hope or plan that is generally regarded as being nearly impossible to achieve.

Engineering Tyranny

The pieces have actually fallen into place rather quickly. Every word of this article would have been rejected as paranoid fiction less than 2 years ago, but we all know now that the events have happened and the claim that “it can’t happen in America” is starting to sound like a punch line to a bad joke. It is happening here and the engineered destruction of our life, liberty and property is moving along at full speed. Now that health care has passed, the corrupt politicians in D.C. will have set themselves up to rapidly pass the rest of their agenda which includes the heavy burdens of amnesty legislation and cap and trade legislation.

Consider the following:

  • When a government rejects 200+ years of Constitutional restraints in order to pass unconstitutional laws then there are NO RULES.
  • When a government ignores its own citizens and proceeds to enact laws that are not desired and are undeniably destructive to the economy there is NO REPRESENTATION.
  • When a government consolidates large industries such as banking, automotive, health and real estate the result is ECONOMIC POWER.
  • When a government enacts laws that force citizens to beg the government for services such as Health Care, Energy, Education and Jobs the result is COERCIVE POWER.
  • When a government begins to execute these new powers the result is always TYRANNY. Read your history.

So we find ourselves in a unique place in American history. Against the will of the people our federal representatives have given themselves a blank check of taxpayer funds to build a foundation of coercive and economic power. And through the Slaughter option and misuse of reconcialiation, they have set themselves up to wield unchecked power by setting a precedent that procedures previously used to make minor adjustments to existing laws can be used to actually pass massive new laws that change the fundamentals of this country.

The wolf is truly at the door.

Piecing Together a Defense

Since the Constitution is being shredded at the federal level, what recourse do we the people have? Appealing to federal representatives at town halls has failed to stop health care, massive marches on D.C. and tea parties have failed to get their attention, and phone calls to DC are useless. Even the unprecedented election of a Republican Senator in Massachusetts is blown off as a just a bad campaign by the Democrat. There is a message in all of these actions for those that care to hear it. These are peaceful methods of communication but they don’t care what the people have to say.

Many have put their faith in the elections of 2010 and 2012. Although, more allies in Washington will be helpful, it will not fix the problem, at this point I doubt it will be able to even slow it down. There simply will not be enough true patriots put into positions of power to make a dent in the D.C. mess.

If national health care ever becomes “old news” then it will never be undone, the political will to “take away the free health care” will not be present in enough Republicans. Make no mistake, “taking away from innocent victims” will be the new battlefield and that is a losing battle, the media will make sure of it. So the battle against this unconstitutional legislation must start now.

The sooner we as citizens realize that the answer does not come from looking to the federal government, the easier the next steps will be. The only peaceful solution left is to simply ignore Washington. En masse, citizens should focus their attention on state representatives and demand that the state government be used as a legal front to render unconstitutional federal laws null and void in their state. The time has come to reset the balance of power.

To date, 37 states have begun the process of passing legislation that rejects federal meddling in health care. Idaho has already passed such legislation and Virginia just awaits a signature from the Governor. But more must be done for this strategy to be effective.

It’s common knowledge that in order to lose weight and keep it of, you don’t just diet, you change your lifestyle. So the tenth amendment movement must find ways to remind Americans that politics are local not global and decentralization not centralization of power is the key to freedom.

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  • Matt

    I read a similar piece last year at Canada Free press. The person there touched on the same points. While the points here are valid; the system in DC is completely a wash, there is a flaw. The Federal Government no longer responds to the will of the people. They will also not yield to the will of the states. Several activists judges can easily smack down any sovereignty resolutions or laws the states choose to pass.

    Even though it might be somewhat ineffectual, we should try to support folks at our state level. There is a possibility that if enough states simply refuse to play ball, the fed might make a fatal error, and really lose the people.

    That being said, we have been concentrating on the head of the snake in DC. We also need to pay attention to it's autonomic nervous system; the bureaucracy. It continues to function no matter who is in office. Overload it, overstress it, confound it...whatever it takes. Make it cease to function, and the head withers. Just a thought, but it might be a topic for discussion.

  • John Carey

    I must say CL I was very disappointed that a larger amount of states didn't step up and file lawsuits. With only 13 states filing lawsuits this makes it easier for the SCOTUS to slap them down. The SCOTUS won’t make the right choice because they fear a Congress that change their numbers and allow the President to stack the court with activist judges. I suppose if it was 38 it would have been a better fight. What's really sad is this polarization is now in the states. States are filing based on the political party affiliation of the AG. As long as we have this type of deep division in this country I fear we will be unable to change anything. The Founding Fathers had deep division over what type of government should be implemented however they were able to rise above their personal motives and do what was best for the nation. We don't have people of such caliber in politics these days. It's all about special favors, leftist agendas, control of the people, and money. We have indeed lost our way. This is why I am a proponent of call and Article V convention. I know this worries many, but you could set the ground rules going in not to amend the constitution in a way that take away liberties. Many are worried that the leftist will get their tentacles into the states and push their agenda. But it might be our only option because as it stands now Washington just continues to ignore our Constitution and the SCOTUS doesn’t have the courage to do the right thing. Washington is broken.

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