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We advocate nothing less than the complete return to our constitutionally-limited representative republic.

Congratulations to Debra Medina for pulling down 19% of the vote! This shows that "we the people" are starting to walk in the right direction!

Rick Perry seems to be getting the message, let's hope this isn't your typical political mirage.

Ron Paul smoked 'em as usual!

Final Texas Primary Results

Congratulations to Ron Paul, who got 81% of the vote in his primary election against the three alleged Tea Party oponents. Ron keeps getting more and more votes. Now we have to shoot for 85% in November!

In the primary for governor, Rick “Gardasil” Perry got 51%, Kay “Bailout” Hutchinson got 30%, and Debra Medina got 19%.

Why Rick Perry Won: Thoughts From A Texan

The problem for politicians is being perceived as voting D.C. interests over voting the voters’ interest. In Kay Bailey Hutchison’s case, she is perceived as D.C.

The other problem for national Republican incumbents is being perceived as standing for big government, big spending, big regulation, and big invasion into Americans’ lives. That will be a problem for state-wide politicians, too…except for maybe California.

Rick Perry was very smart over the last year and half. He had a misstep when he talked about mandating Gardisil vaccinations for all Texas girls. After that “big government intervention” backfire, Perry got the message loud and clear: Bug out.

Rick Perry Beats Kay Bailey Hutchison

Anybody think Perry will have trouble beating Houston’s mayor in November? No? I didn’t think so.

Ron Paul easily fends off primary challenges

It looks like Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) -- the grassroots hero former presidential candidate who has so railed against Washington --- will be coming back to the capital next year.

Paul easily fended off three challengers in the Republican primary election Tuesday, taking 80 percent of the vote. Tim Graney finished second with 11 percent, while John Gay and Gerald Wall earned 5 percent and 4 percent, respectively.

Ron Paul wins in landslide upsetting Neo-cons and Bernanke

Ron Paul handily won his primary in his district (14) in Texas yesterday. For the nit-pickers, I’m sorry for emphasizing that it is his primary and his district as if he owns it. However, when someone wins with more than 80% of the vote against 3 other candidates, it should rightly be called “his” district and “his” primary.

So the neo-conservatives that were angered at Ron Paul’s performance in the CPAC straw poll now have another election to whine about. Ben Bernanke was probably hoping for a Paul loss as well.

Too funny!

I love all the whining about Ron Paul. A consistently strong candidate, you'd think the RNC would get behind him. But wait ... he won't support their version of Big Government.

Don't mess with Texas!

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