Putin targets foes with 'zombie' gun which attack victims' central nervous system

MSNBC duped: Network runs satirical fake news from Daily Kos as a real story

Doomsday dating sites: 'Don't face the future alone'

World War 3.0

The Most Transparent Administration Ever™

Gift-card law little more than Trenton money-grab

Obama Relies on Debt Collectors Profiting From Student Loan Woe

Readying for War? DHS Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Puts in Order for More Ammo

PETMAN: A Giant Step Taken Toward Building DARPA's Robot Army

5 New Ways the IRS Is Screwing America

It is extremely difficult for our contemporaries to conceive of the conditions of free banking because they take government interference with banking for granted and as necessary. -- Ludwig von Mises

This linguistic engineering invades our lives and loves

Haters of Humanity: The Church of Malthus

Race is Still the Issue for the PC Culture

TSA tests ID-scanning machines at Washington Dulles

NASA Wants to [waste $10M on] Floating Algae Farms

ormer MI6 deputy joins calls to end "war on drugs"

Ever feel like someones out to get you?

Every 80 minutes another American veteran commits suicide

Social Darwinism

Unlimited Inflation To End Depressions & Recessions?

When the federal government spends more each year than it collects in tax revenues, it has three choices: It can raise taxes, print money, or borrow money. While these actions may benefit politicians, all three options are bad for average Americans. -- Ron Paul

Evolution, Impact and Limitations of Unusual Central Bank Policy Activism

The long debt emergency has arrived ... total US credit market debt at $54 trillion

Ben Bernanke's Judy Garland Impersonation

The Tragedy of Ben Bernanke

Downgrades Loom for Banks

Municipal Bankruptcy Crisis in U.S. to Have Dire National Consequences! Here’s Why – and How

Shades of the '08 Financial Crisis?

As the Empire Crashes (Or One Reason Interest Rates are Headed Higher)

Pay no attention to those tax hikes on the horizon

Central Banks Favour Gold As IMF Warns of "Collapse of Euro" and "Full Blown Panic in Financial Markets"

No Gulag, evidently, can deter the advocates of state power from believing in their own virtue and in the morality of the power they exercise. We are all Hobbesians now. Virtue is presumed to reside in the state. Its reliance on compulsion is seen as fulfilling, not undermining, morality. Our communicators, oddly employed in the private sector, work tirelessly to ensure that state control is maintained, our taxes stay high, the official message is promoted. The people know, and can only know, a tiny fraction of what Leviathan does, and what they know is what these partisans tell them. -- Tom Bethell

A Primer on Obama's Socialism

Interesting Chart: The line from Karl Marx to the modern Democrat party

Forced Union Membership = Free Speech?

First Solar's Loan Guarantees: Money Laundering For Obama Cronies

This Is How Screwed Up Our Concept of Health "Insurance" Has Become

One Step Closer to Nationalizing Natural Gas

Treasury Department Releases New $20 Bill

Sociopathy Is Running the US

The Gordian Knot of Human Nature or Liberal Brain Knots?

What China Can Teach Us About Liberal Politics

And here is the difference between the Libertarians and the Authoritarians: the latter have no confidence in liberty; they believe in compelling people to be good, assuming that people are totally depraved; the former believe in letting people be good, and maintain that humanity grows better and better as it gains more and more liberty. If Libertarians were merely to ask that liberty be tried in any one of the other fields of human expression they would meet the same opposition as their pioneer predecessors; but such is their confidence in the advantages of liberty that they demand, not that it be tried in one more instance only, but that it be universally adopted. -- Charles T. Sprading

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