Fraud in the Capital Markets

One alarming indicator from China

Why MF Global Collapse May Have "Apocalyptic" Consequences

The Fed as the New Global Aristocracy

Signs of Disintegration

Is Your Money Safe at Merrill Lynch and Fidelity?

Stocks Fall on Rating Comments

The Risk of Sovereign Debt

The Goldman Sachs Strategy

EPA funding "arts to help students understand the impacts of air pollution on the environment and their health."

The care of every man's soul belongs to himself. But what if he neglect the care of it? Well what if he neglect the care of his health or his estate, which would more nearly relate to the state. Will the magistrate make a law that he not be poor or sick? Laws provide against injury from others; but not from ourselves. God himself will not save men against their wills. -- Thomas Jefferson

Conservatives Drop Their Love for the Constitution

How Democracy Erodes the Moral Life

Democratization Is Not a Panacea

Savage Offers Gingrich $1 Million to Drop Out of the Race

The Violence And Justice Monopoly

National Guard Ad for 'FEMA Camp' Jobs

Police employ Predator drone spy planes on home front

A Fast and Furious String of Government Failures

Characteristics of a Newt

Newt Tried to Install Internal Passports on Us in 1998 - Guess Who Stopped Him?

Toleration is not the opposite of intolerance, but is the counterfeit of it. Both are despotisms. The one assumes to itself the right of withholding the liberty of conscience, and the other of granting it. -- Thomas Paine

Gingrich the Statist

Newt Gingrich: Demagogue, Pseudointellectual

Neo-Liberalism the Issue, Not Islam

Council on Foreign Relations: U.S.-Saudi Relationship Increasingly Strained

The Real Definition of Terrorism

A Letter to Congress on Indefinite Military Detention

Big Brother Cell Phone EAS #FAIL: Verizon apologizes for bogus emergency text msg

Newt Gingrich's Approval of Killing the Constitution

Most Republicans, including many who call themselves conservatives, are now progressives on the foreign policy front.

The Osawatomie Massacre: Dissecting the "Speech"

One of the happiest consequences of an absence of government (when a people is fortunate enough to be able to do without it, which is rare) is the development of individual strength that inevitably follows from it. Each man learns to think, to act for himself, without counting on the support of an outside force which, however vigilant one supposes it to be, can never answer all social needs. Man, thus accustomed to seek his well-being only through his own efforts, raises himself in his own opinion as he does in the opinion of others; his soul becomes larger and stronger at the same time. -- Alexis de Tocqueville

LittleSis is a free database of who-knows-who at the heights of business and government.

What would the founding drug criminals say?

The Essence of Crony 'Capitalism'

Ron Paul – Highlights of the ABC Iowa Debate

Feds Falsely Censor Popular Blog For Over A Year, Deny All Due Process, Hide All Details...

The Security Theater Cycle

War on Iran has already begun.

The Nazification Of America

Foment OWS Terror, Open Camps?

Finding Self-Reliance In a Pot of Dried Beans

It is not the business of government to make men virtuous or religious, or to preserve the fool from the consequences of his own folly. Government should be repressive no further than is necessary to secure liberty by protecting the equal rights of each from aggression on the part of others, and the moment governmental prohibitions extend beyond this line they are in danger of defeating the very ends they are intended to serve. -- Henry George

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