theCL Report: Loopholes

theCL  2012-10-24  theCL Report

Loopholes: Another Word for Freedom

'Bailouts' are a means for total subjugation

Murray Rothbard on Federal Reserve Money Printing

Dysfuncional, Dishonest, Insane & Intolerable

Lessons from Black Monday

Fiat Money Means Fiat Freedom

Hayek Institute's Barbara Kolm on the Eurozone Crisis

Part of The Hole Germans Are Being Asked to Fill In

Vladimir Putin: The New Global Shah of Oil

Newark, NJ enacts "union contractors only" law for all construction projects, public and private

Voting for "the lesser of two evils" to shrink the power of government has been one of the most useless and fruitless strategies possible. — Robert Taylor

Romney's 'Me Too' Foreign Policy Debate

Mitt Romney Agreed With Barack Obama So Much, It Was Shocking

A real choice for president?

What Foreign-Policy Debate?

Vote Obama for Unaccountable Drone Warfare. Vote Romney for Unaccountable Drone Warfare

Get your popcorn ready … Mounds of Dirt are about to Fly in the Presidential Race

Wisdom from Detroit

We Need More Ron Swansons

Frightened Republicans Try To Shut Down Election Competitors

If our team wins, what do we get? (Or: Elections — the big minstrel show we stage for Massa)

What is morally wrong can never be advantageous, even when it enables you to make some gain that you believe to be to your advantage. The mere act of believing that some wrongful course of action constitutes an advantage is pernicious. — Marcus Tullius Cicero

A Path Toward Totalitarianism

Zero Liberty Torches for Mitt Romney, Supporter of Indefinite Detainment of Americans

Continuing the policy… one president at a time

Al Qaeda Took Advantage of Libyan Protest, CIA Chief Says

Dick Durbin Goes Monster Hunting

My two-Monster equivalent made me write this post!

Scary Monsters

Romney's Foreign Aid Wilsonianism

The War We Aren't Debating

A Majority of Voters Want America to Stop Intervening Abroad So Much

Reader, suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself. — Mark Twain

What You Can't Say (about Slavery)

How "Safety" Requirements Make Your Car Less Actually Safe

Inflation reveals interesting details on car prices

Will Frustrated Homeowners And Armed Posses Take Matters Into Their Own Hands As Home Invasions Rise?

Do Not Tolerate Domestic Violence

What Has Government Done to Our Families?

Why Democracy Doesn't Work, Evidence #1,083

Forget The Constitution. Let's Elect Our Presidents By Popular Vote.

Workers at Stimulus-Funded LG Chem Battery Plant Has Shipped no Batteries, Employees Play Cards

The Magic of Free Trade

If I have to beat you up to keep you safe, that's just what I'll do. It's this kind of regard for others that makes me believe I'd be a good politician. — Jarod Kintz

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