Goldman Sachs conquers Europe

Its good to be a Political Elite

What the Banksters Fear

Energy Independence - The Big Lie

Atlas will shrug

The Economics of War

Chinese banking system nearly bankrupt

Russian central bank aims to buy 100 tonnes of gold in 2011

To save Europe they had to kill democracy

Technocrats Now, Strong Man Next?

My old suggestion that public offices be filled by drawing lots, as a jury box is filled, was probably more intelligent than I suspected. It has been criticized on the ground that selecting a man at random would probably produce some extremely bad State governors....But I incline to believe that it would be best to choose members of the Legislature quite at random. No matter how stupid they were, they could not be more stupid than the average legislator under the present system. Certainly, they'd be measurably more honest, taking one with another. Finally, there would be the great advantage that all of them had got their jobs unwillingly, and were eager, not to spin out their sessions endlessly, but to get home as soon as possible. -- H.L. Mencken

The banker's president

How Ron Paul Wins in 2012

Why the Old Media Ignore and Demonize Ron Paul

System D.

"Buying gold is just buying a put against the idiocy of the political cycle. It's That Simple"

For The Love of Your Mother – Facing The Violence of The State

Judge Napolitano: The "Super Committee" is unconstitutional

Understanding Justice

More proof that high taxes chase rich people away

Occupy the Supreme Court

The main thing that every political campaign in the United States demonstrates is that the politicians of all parties, despite their superficial enmities, are really members of one great brotherhood. Their principal, and indeed their sole, object is to collar public office, with all the privileges and profits that go therewith. They achieve this collaring by buying votes with other people's money. -- H.L. Mencken

It's intellectual viagra, with a splash of meth!

Robert Murphy's "Market for Security" lecture is great.

"We can't pay back China the money we owe them, so we're gonna declare war so we can stiff them and get away with it!"

United States to Expand Military Presence in Australia

Iran Sanctions Pave Way for War

Did Feds Coordinate Occupy Wall Street Crackdowns?

Filthy – Worthless – Republicans

Republicans and Christians: A Marriage of Convenience?

Safety Commission Goes Off the Deep End, Considers Ban on Window Blind Cords

Ron Paul Can Win the Iowa Caucus

The truth, indeed, is something that mankind, for some mysterious reason, instinctively dislikes. Every man who tries to tell it is unpopular, and even when, by the sheer strength of his case, he prevails, he is put down as a scoundrel. -- H.L. Mencken

Is it time to scuttle NASA?

The 'Green Road' to economic ruin

Bank Executives On 15th Floor Gambling On Which Occupy Wall Street Protester Will Be Arrested Next

How About 16 Horsepower?

Obama = Cheney 2.0 (But Worse!)

I don’t know what’s going on here. But I like it.

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Responds to The Silver Underground's Recent Anti-Fed Rant

Crony Capitalism: The Inevitable Outcome Of Overreaching Government

America's National Debt Officially Passes $15 Trillion

Any presidential candidate who threatens to attack Iran if elected is a monster.

Public opinion, in its raw state, gushes out in the immemorial form of the mob's fear. It is piped into central factories, and there it is flavoured and coloured and put into cans. -- H.L. Mencken

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