The pending 35.5 MPG fatwa

To be an entrepreneur in Europe nowadays is a very dangerous business

Why the Amount Taken Out for Your Payroll Tax Will Be Higher in 2013

Can Government Create Opportunity?

Who Destroyed the Economy? The Case Against the Baby Boomers

The surprising details on median household income and per capita wages

Major North Sea Oil Discovery & Norwegians Double Carbon Tax on Oil Companies

Currency Wars: Bernanke Defends Fed Policy, Calls for Emerging Market Currency Appreciation

Yes, The Fed Is Printing Money

Paper Money = Despotism

Perhaps it is an inner need that impels the socialist to his ideology, for I have never met an advocate of government intervention who did not admit, inadvertently, his own capacity for commissariat functions. He always has a plan, to which others must submit, and his certainty that the plan will produce the contemplated results does not permit him to brook criticism. Always he is the fanatic. If you disagree with him it is not because you are in error; it is because you are sinful. — Frank Chodorov

The Truth Behind the Romney "Gaffe"

Beltway Empire: Washington's prosperity comes at the country's expense

'Our Government Overlords Are Just Here to Serve Us'

Federal "Campaign Finance" Laws are Mostly Unconstitutional

It's A Pleasant Fantasy, But….

Former Senator Arlen Specter, Dead at age 82

General Motors Cadillac Brand Sponsors Chinese Communist Film

The Man Who Called for "Death Panels" to Save Money Now Claims Mitt Romney Wants to Let People Die to Save Money

Hubris is not a strategy, either

The Big Picture: Joe Biden's debate performance accomplished Team Obama's goal

The kind of man who wants the government to adopt and enforce his ideas is always the kind of man whose ideas are idiotic. — H. L. Mencken

The Growth of Homeland Security's Domestic Intelligence Enterprise

Shut up and play nice: How the Western world is limiting free speech

4 Milwaukee police officers charged in strip-search case

CIA Contractor's Online Book Brings Suit

Clinton's Democracy Delusion

Panetta Spreads 'Cyber-Pearl Harbor' Fear

Undercounting Civilian Deaths in Drone Strikes

National Emergency Reminder

Obama & the Assault on Transparency-Government Whistleblowers

"He's a Constitutionalist"

The most destructive thing governments do is divide people against each other, all in competition over the reins of the state. — Anthony Gregory

Aunt Tamika?

The Quiet During The Storm

This is the United States…

Powerful Court Quietly Takes Marijuana Case That Could Shatter Federal Prohibition Laws

Boo! Catholic Teaching on Ghosts

Marijuana Legalization's Tipping Point

We Have The War Upon Us

"A 'hate group' has nothing to do with criminality… [or] potential for violence… It's all about ideology."

A Plan for Food Self-Sufficiency

A Failure Of Civility: The Diary Of John Q. Citizen

Politics, and the fate of man, are shaped by men without ideals and without greatness. — Albert Camus

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