Stunning Rise in Anti-Euro Sentiment in Italy

The Coming Eurocrash

Sorry, Bucko, Europe Is Still in a Death Spiral

Financial Fiddling while the Euro Burns

Eurozone Recession: Record Unemployment, Manufacturing Shrinks

Who Destroyed the Middle Class -- Part 3

77% of JP Morgan's Net Income Comes from Government Subsidies

Food inflation fears as US crop prices surge

Kicking The Can Down The Road

European and American Governments Encourage Bank Manipulation and Fraud to Cover Up Insolvency

For centuries it was never discovered that education was a function of the State, and the State never attempted to educate. But when modern absolutism arose, it laid claim to everything on behalf of the sovereign power....When the revolutionary theory of government began to prevail, and Church and State found that they were educating for opposite ends and in a contradictory spirit, it became necessary to remove children entirely from the influence of religion. -- Lord Acton

The Supreme Court and Natural Law

How to Game Obamacare (And Eventually Collapse It)

Fed Med to Fed Ed: Beware of the "Unconstitutionally Coercive" Standard

Recovered from the Memory Hole: Sen. Obama Opposed to the Individual Mandate in '08

Ironic: Conservatives pinning hopes for repeal of ObamaCare on the guy responsible for RomneyCare

Dr. Paul Continues To Cast Pearls Before Swine

Obamacare Upheld: Thank Goodness!

U.S. Independence Ended in 1788 after a Unconstitutional Coup.

John Roberts? Meet John Marshall.

John Roberts Stakes Out A Legacy

Our government employs thousands of bureaucrats to track down and break up monopolies on the grounds that monopolies stifle competition and thereby produce bad products at high prices. Doesn't it strike anyone strange that the same government protects its own monopoly in education? And stranger still, that nearly everyone accepts this state of affairs as normal - as something that has always been and must always be? -- Jennifer A. Grossman

A conspiracy of silence and misinformation

Removing The Scales

War on drugs 'unsustainable'

How Central Banking Keeps People Helpless and Undermines 'Preppers'

At UN Rio+20, World Governments Agree on "The Future We Want"

Wiretaps, USA: Are You a Victim?

Administration to Border Patrol: RUN AWAY!

Mike Bloomberg to New Yorkers: Shut up about my soda ban!

They Are Turning Our Crops, Animals And Even Our Babies Into Freakish Genetic Monsters - What Could Go Wrong?

Police State

We are still tolerating a public ed system that is run by adults for adults. Those charged with responsibility are more interested in their own jobs, their own turf, and how change affects them than the children the system is meant to serve … I am bemused by the fact that in the late 1700s, when most people had little if any formal education, the citizenry was bombarded with broadsheets and pamphlets that dealt with complex and revolutionary political ideas and philosophies. And today, after decades of universal mass education, we have USA Today and the world in 30 minutes (if you count commercials). -- Ron Wolk

The Art and Science of Self-Governance

The real enemy of the retiree

19 Countries in Fiscal Trouble; 10 in Good Shape

Sustainable Woodlot Management for Home Heating

Cost of Green

Bill Whittle – One For The Team

HuffPo Blames Media for Failure of All New Solyndras

Green Energy Gulag

21 Things to Look For Every Time You Go To a Yard Sale or Thrift Store

The Tyrannical Twerps of Twitter

The most important thing schools teach children today is: You can be anything you want as long as it isn't different. -- Aisha Tyler

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