Detroit — Preview of the American Collapse

51 Years of Democrat Leadership: Donors Fund Purchase of Detroit EMS Units & Police Cars

Who's afraid of a little bit of inflation?

Bingo! Governments Lie About Inflation

Pension fund seizure & capital controls in Cyprus

Deposit Taxes: Should We Prepare?

Deja Vu … All Over Again!

Perry, Some Lawmakers Want State's Gold Back in Texas

German Economist Proposes "One Time" Cyprus-Like 15% Wealth Tax on Italians

Cyprus Lifts the Curtain

Politicians nowadays treat Americans like medical orderlies treat Alzheimer's patients, telling them anything that will keep them subdued. It doesn't matter what untruths the people are fed because they will not long remember. But in politics, forgotten falsehoods almost guarantee new treachery. — James Bovard

Shameless blackmail is now the standard response of the political class

What's Obamacare really about?

It's In the "For The Children" Clause of the U.S. Constitution

Will anybody have the honesty to own up to ObamaCare disaster?

Video: Liberty and Gun Rights

You voted for who?

Monsanto Goes All-In For Agenda 21

Obamacare's Regressive and Unfair Subsidies

Libertarianism for Social Conservatives

A Constitutional Agenda for Social Conservatives

No Gulag, evidently, can deter the advocates of state power from believing in their own virtue and in the morality of the power they exercise. We are all Hobbesians now. Virtue is presumed to reside in the state. Its reliance on compulsion is seen as fulfilling, not undermining, morality. Our communicators, oddly employed in the private sector, work tirelessly to ensure that state control is maintained, our taxes stay high, the official message is promoted. The people know, and can only know, a tiny fraction of what Leviathan does, and what they know is what these partisans tell them. — Tom Bethel

NAPOLITANO: When the government demands silence

Obama's secrecy fixation causing Sunshine Week implosion

Spy Agencies to Get Access to U.S. Bank Transactions Database

Lunatic CHP cops go berzerk on female motorist

Through the meat grinder

Finally A Glorious Growth Industry In France: Hounding Companies For Back Taxes and Penalties

Making life worse for those in pain

Do As I Say, Not As I Do: The Rules Don't Apply To The State

US plan calls for more scanning of private Web traffic, email

Do you now understand the inherent evil that is manifested in so-called "gun control"?

Always remember the difference between economic power and political power: You can refuse to hire someone's services or buy his products in the private sector and go somewhere else instead. In the public sector, though, if you refuse to accept a politician's or bureaucrat's product or services you go to jail. Ultimately, after all, all regulations are observed and all taxes are paid at gunpoint. I believe those few who can't even see that have been short-sighted sheep, and I suggest they learn how to think conceptually, develop consistency and grasp principles soon. — Rick Gaber

This day in history

Jack Nicholson Hits on Jennifer Lawrence Like a Boss (Video)

Crazy Traffic Laws

"And just what would the vice squad charge the pimp with?"

Clover Taxonomy I

Clover Taxonomy II

Why Clover Thinks He's Free

Hiding a gun: The rules of three

How to Use Valet Parking (Without Looking Like an Idiot)


The fatal attraction of government is that it allows busybodies to impose decisions on others without paying any price themselves. That enables them to act as if there were no price, even when there are ruinous prices -- paid by others. — Thomas Sowell

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