Look at politicians as individuals only, not part of a "team." Never put your faith in the "party."

I know people don't like when I say things like this, but somebody's got to point out the obvious truth. Elections are about you, the individual, not about the collective.

Sarah Palin to RNC: Take me off fundraiser

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has asked the Republican National Committee to remove her name from a fundraiser the committee is planning piggybacking off of the Southern Republican Leadership Conference, POLITICO has learned.

Palin’s staff has twice told the RNC to remove her name from an invitation sent to donors, obtained by POLITICO on Wednesday, showing her as an “invited” speaker to the four-day fundraiser in New Orleans, timed to coincide with the SRLC event in Louisiana.

Palin, who will appear at SRLC, “will not take part in any RNC fundraiser in New Orleans,” an aide said.

Republican National Committee cancels Young Eagles events

The Republican National Committee has canceled a number of Young Eagles events aimed at attracting younger donors in the wake of reports the party paid for a group excursion to a bondage-themed Los Angeles nightclub.

The Young Eagles program drew headlines this week after the Daily Caller reported the RNC spent nearly $2,000 to entertain group members at Voyeur West Hollywood nightclub, which features topless women entertainers. Young Eagles director Allison Meyers was fired following the widespread backlash against the Committee and chairman Michael Steele.

It’s April Fools’ Day all year long at the RNC

The RNC’s lavish spending problems at racy nightclubs are bad enough. But I find RNC chairman Michael Steele’s meeting with open-borders zealots to be an even greater obscenity.

The Soros/Tides/Ford/Rockefeller-funded Center for Community Change crowed yesterday that Steele gave them a “commitment” to “to help in securing Republican support for immigration reform:”

Today, ten leaders with the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) met with Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele to discuss the future of comprehensive immigration reform in the Republican Party. They walked away with a commitment from Steele to work with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and the party’s leadership to enlist another Republican senator’s support for comprehensive and bipartisan immigration reform.

Even the progressive Teddy Roosevelt Republicans are jumping ship.

Former GOP Officials Launch Political Group

As troubles at the Republican National Committee continue, a group of former Republican officials are starting an outside political group that could compete with the RNC for wealthy donors and prominence.

The group, American Crossroads, hopes to raise $52 million from wealthy Republicans and corporations, according to officials involved with the organization. The goal is to mount an independent campaign to help Republican candidates win in the November elections.

It is the latest – and most ambitious – effort by conservatives to create outside campaign groups that can compete with those run by Democrats. Labor unions and Democrats generally outspend Republicans on independent political activities.

In the last few months, Republicans have announced the creation of several outside organizations that plan to raise money from corporations and wealthy conservatives to support Republican candidates. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce said it plans to spend as much as $50 million on advertising to support pro-business, mostly Republican candidates.

The new American Crossroads organization will be run by former RNC Chairman Mike Duncan and Joanne Davidson, a onetime RNC co-chair. Former RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie and former White House adviser Karl Rove are informally advising the organization.

USA fumes over politics

Seven months before the midterm elections, Americans seem disaffected about nearly everything political.

A majority disapprove of both political parties, their leaders and most members of Congress, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds.

The favorable rating for the Democratic Party has fallen to its lowest level since Gallup began asking the question in 1992 —its standing has dropped 14 percentage points since President Obama's election — but the Republican Party fares no better. Three of four Americans say they are dissatisfied with the country's direction.

It's starting to look more and more realistic for a third-party to make a splash!

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