Meg McLain chose to "opt-out" of being irradiated by the TSA porno-scanners. When the TSA goons raised a ruckus over it, she asked questions about what they were planning to do (enhanced pat-down). The TSA goons proceeded to yell at her, handcuffed her to a chair, ripped up her ticket, called the cops and had her escorted out of the airport.

H/T - Question the TSA at your own Risk.

Land of the Free? Yeah, right. The United States is a Police State.

The Skivvy on Naked Body Scanners.


Forbidden Questions

Airsafe News, a site devoted to airline safety (including the safety of passengers), asks troubling questions about TSA screening procedures — of its own employees. And the TSA hasn’t answered them.

Because of lax background checks and confusing federal regulations, it is possible that convicted rapists and sexual offenders can work as TSA pat-down-and-grope screeners at airports.

Most TSA screeners are low-level employees protected by obstinate unions and brazen DHS Big Sister cohorts. Government employees with Top Secret clearances — a much more highly-screened category — are with troubling regularity being charged with child porn possession and, in one case, at least, running an international porn site on a Pentagon server.

The questions should be asked persistently until they are answered.


The Washington Post
, a state organ, has attempted to smear Meg McLain:

The Transportation Security Administration released security camera footage that appears to contradict at least some of her claims, as she is not handcuffed in the footage.

But the 13-minute video WaPo links to is hardly evidence that Meg McLain lied, because there's obviously an unknown period of time that we cannot see Meg at all. That said, it sure looks like Meg is in handcuffs at the end of the following video to me.

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  • republicanmother

    So glad this made drudge. We the people have the power to shut down the airline industry by not flying. There needs to be a month-long moratorium on flying in this country. They already struggle to make money.

    • theCL

      People need to start standing up for themselves instead of "believing" in their Masters. Personally, I'm not going near an airport anymore. There are plenty of other ways to travel.

  • wxwzrd

    Haven't flown in over 2 years--last 2 trips to Florida (from North Dakota) to visit my dad and oldest brother, I drove just because of this garbage. A lot less stress--and I get to see more of the country that way.

  • sniki

    This journalist is an IDIOT! "TSA Gropes and Handcuffs Meg McLain" TSA officers don't have handcuffs nor are they supplied handcuffs! If anyone handcuffed her it was a LEO!

  • joe black

    Come on people. I fly every week all over the USA and live in Florida and if you are prepared and move like you know what you are doing there is no problem with TSA. Grow up and keep the line moving for those of us that make our living having to rely on commercial airline service.

    • theCL

      So it's the People who are the problem, not the porno-scanners and "enhanced" feel-ups, eh? Baaaaaa.

  • shelied

    She lied people. The video was released. Why is it as soon as someone hears crap like this they believe it. People lie all the tome. You would think by how people would know that there are cameras in the checkpoints. Stop falling for fake sob stories.

    • theCL

      I'm going to update the post in the morning with the video of her being hauled away in cuffs. Nice try though.