In our first story, pharmacist Jerome Ersland is held at gunpoint by 2 men.

Jerome Ersland then pulls a gun, shoots one of them in the head, and chases the other down the street. After the second guy runs off, he walks back into the store, goes directly past the downed thief, and reloads his gun. Ersland then walks back over to the thief lying on the floor, and blasts him with 5 more bullets.

Jerome Ersland has been charged with first-degree murder. Is this a case of legitimate vigilante justice? Or did he take it too far?

You decide. Video below.

The Associated Press:

Ersland, 57, is free on $100,000 bail, courtesy of an anonymous donor. He has won praise from the pharmacy's owner, received an outpouring of cards, letters and checks from supporters, and become the darling of conservative talk radio.

In our second story, 38-year old Anthony Warren is on the wrong side of a high-speed chase with Alabama police.

Warren was driving too fast and too wild.  I don't know why he was running from the police, but driving like that I assume it was bad.  Warren even tried to run a cop over!

After getting rammed by police, Anthony Warren's car flipped over, and he flew out of the window like a rag-doll. As the cops get to the scene, they immediately beat the crap out of Warren, a man who's already undoubtedly well subdued.

Anthony Warren has filed a lawsuit against the Birmingham Police.  Did he simply "get what he deserves"? Or did the police take it too far?

You decide.  Video below.

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FOX News:

The suspect, who is in prison, filed a lawsuit Tuesday that seeks monetary damages and asks the court to order changes in the way the Birmingham police officers are trained and how investigations of excessive force allegations are handled.

Video of the beating, which was captured on the dashboard camera of a police cruiser, surfaced in March ... was made public last week. Birmingham Police Chief A.C. Roper fired the officers and ordered an investigation to determine if others knew about the beating but did not report it.

Pharmacist Jerome Ersland is held at gunpoint by 2 men:

Certainly Mr. Ersland has the natural right to defend himself, and he did an excellent job doing so.  The problem however, is that while it's true we can't see the suspect, we can still reasonably ascertain that the thief was no longer a threat.

If he did still pose a threat, Ersland would not have been so casual about walking by, reloading, and coming back over to shoot him.  He would have shown some kind of defensive instinct.

Now if Ersland would have killed him in the initial attack, I'd say he was clearly defending himself.  Based on the video evidence however, I believe Jerome Ersland went beyond self defense, by walking back over to shoot him 5 more times.

One's Right to Self Defense is Not a Right to Murder:

... the moment the teen was unconscious on the floor, he was incapacitated. His ability to cause further harm was finished. Mr. Ersland then apparently chose, for whatever reason, to commit a fatally violent act against a person who posed no risk to him. The man is a murderer.

These types of occurrences just add more fuel to the fire of those who wish to take away the rights of gun ownership and of self-protection.

What Others are Saying:

38-year old Anthony Warren is on the wrong side of a high-speed chase with the Alabama police:

When Anthony Warren went flying out of that window, it's safe to say he was completely subdued.  He was just lying there on the ground.  He never moved.  Not even during the beating.

We're lucky to have such brave people to get into harm's way, so we may live a peaceful life. But that certainly doesn't mean they have rights any different than anyone else.  These guys went too far.  Way too far!

What Does it Really Mean to Respect Law Enforcement?

If I had a badge and gun, how would I have reacted if one of my friends was almost run over by a fleeing suspect?

The truth of the matter is I don't know. I don't know because I have never been confronted with a similar situation. I have not been trained on how to handle the kinds of situations police officers sometimes encounter.

The police, however, do not have this excuse. The officers who beat the unconscious person in Alabama were all veterans. Based on their training and experience, they should have known better.

What others are saying:



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