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Detroit Child Protective Services (CPS) kidnapped Maryanne Godboldo's 13-year old daughter (Ariana) when she refused to continue administering her the psychotropic drug Risperdal. Maryanne took her daughter off the drug after consulting her daughter's new physician. Many family members have since reported seeing a significant improvement in Ariana's health.

But CPS was determined to keep pumping Ariana with the psychotropic drug. So, without any prior court involvement, CPS obtained a warrant (without a judicial hearing) to kidnap her. After a long 10 hour standoff and surrounded by helicopters, a tank, and a heavily armed SWAT team, Maryanne Godboldo surrendered her child based on the promise she would stay in the care of a family member.

But this is the government we're talking about. They lied. They took 13-year old Ariana into custody. Maryanne has since been released on a personal recognizance bond, but her daughter Ariana, remains a prisoner of the state.

Now, remember the reason CPS kidnapped her was to keep her on that psychotropic drug? Well ...

Officials: Detroit girl taken in standoff doesn't need meds right now

Authorities have determined there is no emergency need for a 13-year-old girl to be on medication, after the girl's mother was accused of medically neglecting her by not giving her a psychotropic drug.

This official determination has validated Maryanne's decision to take her daughter off Risperdal, meaning CPS had no valid reason to take her child away. That CPS kidnapped the child unlawfully doesn't really matter though. After all, the king can do no wrong. So, Maryanne is set to go to trial for the "crime" of refusing to let armed strangers take her child away ans forcibly pump her with psychotropic drugs.

Though officials said Wednesday that there was no immediate need to give the girl medication, Michigan Assistant Attorney General David Law said he may reintroduce the issue later if the need arises.

State prosecutors are as dirty as they come. They'll abuse people, the truth, the system, it doesn't matter, whatever it takes to "win" the case. So, when Michigan Assistant Attorney General David Law says "he may reintroduce the issue later if the need arises," he's not talking about Ariana's needs, but rather his "need" to prosecute this loving mother.

Don't worry, I'm sure David Law will find a way to bury the fact that this 13-year old disabled girl has tested positive for a sexually transmitted disease since being detained by the state too. Her father, Mubarek Hakim, believes she was sexually assaulted during her detention at the Hawthorne Center in Northville, MI. Yeah, CPS "cares" alright.

Officials say no need to medicate Maryanne Godboldo's daughter, but she remains in custody

Since then, the child has remained in CPS custody—but, again, without being administered the very medication they claimed she so desperately had to have. And by all reports, she's been just fine.

But even though it's clear what's not being done, it's hard to tell what, if anything at all, is being done for this little girl. Is she taking the alternative treatment her mother and doctor worked out? Is she being left untreated altogether?

And just how long should it take to release a child to the custody of relatives? From all appearances, she probably should've never been taken away from her family in the first place, as there were relatives willing to take her in even as the standoff was unfolding.

The mother has been released from police custody. Relatives are begging for the court to let this child come live with them. And even through all this drama, and without CPS's vaunted drug treatment plan, the child is doing OK.

Unless I'm missing something, the call to free this little girl should have been answered a while ago.

Ariana Godboldo was kidnapped by armed thugs and is now being detained for the "crime" of not taking a psychotropic drug she didn't need then and still doesn't take (because she doesn't need it) now that she's in custody. Since being detained, young Ariana has tested positive for a sexually transmitted disease, can't see her family, and her mother is being charged with the "crime" of caring for her health and trying to protect her.

That's right. For no good reason at all, Child Protective Services ripped a family apart, and now Michigan Assistant Attorney General David Law will do everything in his arbitrary power to destroy this 13-year old disabled girl's life, by destroying the life of her mother. And that's government in a nutshell, the destroyer of everything peaceful, good and right.

Criminal charges against mother stayed by district judge

Criminal charges against Maryanne Godboldo have been postponed indefinitely, until the Michigan Supreme Court rules in a related case.

Godboldo family members will now focus their legal efforts on the release of daughter Ariana from the Hawthorn Juvenile Center in Northville.

"This case is very simple," Defense Attorney Allison Fomar told the Michigan Citizen. "The child was taken out of the home without any legitimate, lawful authority. They took her in the most drastic way they could think of, which was to involve Detroit police."

An emergency motion was in the process of being heard April 13 as this paper went to print by Third Judicial Circuit Juvenile Court Judge Lynne A. Pierce to address whether Ariana will remain in the custody of the state. A recent medical examination has revealed evidence of possible abuse at the juvenile facility, where she has been held for 19 days.

Representatives for the Godboldo family say three main issues will be addressed by the defense at the hearing: The medical condition of Ariana Godboldo, the ability of family members to take custody and the lack of due process by Wayne County Child Protective Services during her removal from the Godboldo home.

Fomar says the CPS removal order for Ariana contains contradictory statements and lacks proper court approval. Additionally, the police showed up at the Godboldo home the same day the order was filed, March 24, even though removal orders typically allow 30 days for execution, according to Fomar.

Former says the CPS caseworker remained in the car while police attempted to gain entry to the Godboldo home without a warrant. It wasn’t long after Maryanne Godboldo refused entry that police entered forcefully.

"She was still at the front door when she heard ramming at the back door," Fomar said.

A pending Michigan Supreme Court case, Moreno vs. the State of Michigan, will address the constitutionality of defending oneself from forced police entry to a home, as defined by state law. The date of that case hasn’t been scheduled. Its outcome will determine whether the criminal charges against Godboldo can be prosecuted at all.

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