The Urge to Purge

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Last week, professional political operatives Jon Henke and Patrick Ruffini, published a series of posts in which they attempt to gain support for purging the political right of "birthers" and

Soon after, Megan McArdle joined the choir saying, "If the right ever wants to get back in power, it needs to start policing its lunatic fringe," and Rick Moran then added his own hit piece too.

R.S. McCain wrote a terrific follow-up to this insane idea to "purge." Also, in writing for The American Spectator, McCain wrote of "Birthers, Ruffini and the Urge to Purge":

Yet Patrick Ruffini is not merely a conservative intellectual, pondering philosophical truths in a cloister. He is a professional Republican political entrepreneur ...

[H]e is young, savvy, and engaged with GOP political online operations at a high level -- illustrates the distance between him and grassroots activists like Barbara Espinosa.

We cannot deny evidence that some grassroots conservatives are sympathetic to the "Birther" meme ... And those who are pushing that meme are diverting attention from more valid critiques of the Obama administration ...

It is wrong, however, for Ruffini to long for a neo-Buckley to play the role of conservative pope and excommunicate the heretics. And it is also wrong for Ruffini to buy into liberal propaganda ...

Considering myself both creative and educated, I do not suffer from any status insecurity about voting trends among my peers. And I do not think that a purge of Joseph Farah -- who was pioneering online media when Patrick Ruffini was still a schoolboy -- would be a net positive for conservatism.

You cannot build a movement by a process of subtraction.

Let's not forget too, many Republicans also want to purge libertarians (another stupid mistake).

It's clear as daylight to me, that very few people (in this case Ruffini, Henke, McArdle, and Moran) understand, what an incredible failure Keynesian economics is!

Unfortunately, this blind-spot leaves them unable to grasp the dramatic shift in politics taking place, due to an economy that will continue to get worse ... significantly worse.

Other excellent responses to this "urge to purge":

For my 2 cents, see Standing Athwart "The Next Right."

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