chairman-maoThe NY23 Congressional Race has become a hot issue all across the United States, and a recent poll shows Constitution Party candidate Hoffman (31%) now leading Democrat Owens (27%), Scozzafava third (20%).

The Establishment Elders of course, are none too happy about the support conservatives are throwing behind Doug Hoffman. Maybe Obama finally got something right when he said, "[Republicans]  just kinda sometimes do what they’re told." Or at least that's what the Establishment Elders believe people (besides themselves) should do. They certainly don't listen to us!

The Establishment Elders have thrown their weight and wallets behind liberal Republican candidate Dede Scozzafava. The Newt, Gingrich, has jumped on her bandwagon too. Newt's logic? If you can call it that ...

It is better to have a liberal with an R after her name than a liberal with a D after his name.

You're right Newt! That is, if you're seeking power, and the control over a multi-trillion dollar budget you can use to your advantage. "We the people" on the other hand, have much different goals.

And the Newt's thinking about running for president? ROTFLMAO!

obama-mediaSarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann have endorsed Hoffman, deepening the rift between the GOP’s liberal wing and its hard-right faction.

But that hasn't stopped the lectures. Well, bite me with your lectures.

Is the Republican Party making a gross miscalculation here?

Because Here’s the Real Deal: "You cannot win elections without conservatives voting for your candidates. So even if you are a GOP state chairman with politics slightly to the left of Billy Ayers, if you don’t run, and back candidates acceptable and attractive to conservatives, you aren’t going to win anything. And, eventually, your party is going to collapse and be replaced by a party that does understand what it needs to do to win."

Or is it something else? Because the fact of the matter is, the GOP has always pushed liberals over conservatives!

Republican Lindsey Graham hates the Constitution! He must be friends with Nancy Pelosi.

global-warming-conspiracyThe Tea Party movement keeps growing stronger, and people are sick and tired of the Republican strawman arguments that are every bit as sorry as Obamas.

People are speaking out! They're sick and tired of all the Big Government waste that eats away their paychecks and burdens those yet to be born. Our country needs to move more to the right - towards FREEDOM!

People all over the country are unemployed, and the economy continues to head into The Greatest Depression. Yet Washington continues it's march towards socialism. They're even comandeering more private companies.

The federal government is on the verge of bankruptcy, but that hasn't stopped them from trying to shove socialized health care down our throats.

One of our Overlords "plans," is to force you to buy insurance! Freedom and force can't exist in the same place. So do we want to live? Or do we want to be ruled?

And we're not fooled. There's only one reason tyrants want to take away our guns. And it's not to protect you from shooting yourself either.

Republican Party and Beltway Pundits Be Damned!fox

I find it exciting to see how many people are turning on the Republican Party. It gives me hope to see so many Americans standing up to these Beltway Tyrants.

Personally, I don't see a speck of difference between the 2 Monopoly Parties anymore. Do you? Really?

Palination Moves Center Stage

This is, via surrogates, a head-to-head contest between Palin and Obama. It also puts Sarah’s potential opponents - I’m talking to you, Huck and Mitt (and doesn’t that sound like something on the Saturday Morning kiddie cartoon shows?) — on notice.

I don’t think any of the elites, Dem or GOP, understands what is now afoot in this country. They think they are playing politics as usual, but a significant segment of the United States is no longer playing at anything. They see their way of life threatened with destruction, and none of their former champions offering anything in the way of help - except for tired exhortations to vote for the same old, same old, because the SOSOs won’t dribble away their freedoms and money quite as quickly as the leftists will.

Actually, I believe it's something else entirely. I think the Dems and GOP know exactly what they're doing, because I don't believe the Republican Party is conservative (in any meaningful sense). They push "me-too moderates" on us, because they too are progressive.

How else can you explain the massive expansion in the size and scope of government, just during my 23 years of being registered to vote? I hate saying it, I really do ... But look at the so-called conservative revolution of 1994 ... They gave us a government much bigger in both size and scope, than the one we elected them to shrink!green The Republican Party isn't conservative. Not at all.

So why do we still listen to the same Republican Insiders? The same Beltway Pundits? The same Stupid Lying Politicians?

Peter Wehner is a weiner rube! IMHO, that whole Commentary Magazine, can shove it up their !

Andrew Sullivan is a lunatic!

David Brooks hates you!

The Newt loves Big Government! "Incentives for Small Business Investment," is a Big Government idea, born out of the assumption that it's the governments money in the first place. The Government has no money of its own!

URGENT: Gingrich increasingly irrelevant!

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is warning conservative activists that their support for a third-party candidate in a key upcoming New York special election is a "mistake."

The idea that the backroom boys at GOP-HQ can nominate anybody -- even an ACORN-endorsed liberal like Scozzafava -- and that Republican voters just have to hold their nose and vote for the "R," is the antithesis of a meaningful strategy of conservative reform.

Gingrich and the entire lot of Beltway types are irrelevant! This country belongs to "we American-suicidethe people," not to a bunch of opportunists and criminals who steal our money and liberty.

What ever happened to freedom?

"We the people" better reacquaint ourselves with the word FREEDOM,  its meaning, and start shouting it from the mountain tops!

"We the people" better defend FREEDOM for everyone, and under every circumstance, even for those we politically oppose ... Or we're going to lose our freedom forever.

"We the people" must not allow these Tyrants in Washington even one more ounce of power. No. It's time we take the power back!

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