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  • Palmer

    The Republican party preferred to lose with Romney, rather than win with Paul. This is because if they had gone with Paul, they would have actually had to follow through with the small government and fiscal responsibility positions they pretend to hold. Paul actually meant what he said, and would have acted accordingly in office. Shrinking government lessens the number of levers available to be manipulated to advantage. The Republicans would rather be the lesser party, with hopes of recapturing the apparatus of big government in the future, than they would the dominant party in a system that is less able to be gamed because it has been shrunk.

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  • Peter Castle

    I'm not sure what can be done. I don't think things will be turned around. People are just too stupid. We can only hope that we have enough influential people inside the government so that when things get really bad the communists don't have complete authority to bring about their utopia.

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