meltdownThomas Woods’s Meltdown is not just a great book, it's a must read for anyone serious about understanding how we got into the financial crisis we're in today.

I first read Meltdown last spring, and I must tell you it's the best, most easy to read explanation of the business cycle ever written. It also provides a complete analysis of the specific causes of our current recession.

Nor does Woods shy away from providing a stinging critique of the mistakes policymakers have not only made, but continue to make to this day.

Meltdown will arm you with arguments anybody can understand, so when people tell you "the free market doesn't work," you'll be able to convincingly, intellectually and calmly explain why they're wrong.

What you're being told about the economic crisis is not true!

Do you want to know what's really happening to us? Would you like to know what really happened to mortgages and the banks, and to large retailers too? Would you like to know what really happened to your retirement savings and 401(k)?

The Dead-tree media and politicians continue to blame this crisis on the failings of the free market, telling us that the government was required to take action, thus taking trillions of dollars from us and generations to come. Proclaiming the banks were "too big to fail!"

But the truth is, however, an entirely different story.

The whole thing, the housing bubble that burst and the stock market crash, is all the fault of the government and the Federal Reserve. And TARP, the "stimulus," and other bailouts will not only fail to "fix" the problem, but will in fact, make things a lot worse.

Rooted in serious ideas, Thomas Wood's Meltdown uses no technical jargon. Just facts, logic and common sense. Everything you need to know to understand what's happening today, and what to do about it, is in this book!

We're not talking about some "get rich quick" investment book, written by a media hack either. Professor Woods is steeped in the ideas of Mises, Hayek, and Rothbard, and he carefully explains the relationship between economic theory and reality, in an easy to understand way.

meltdown-smMeltdown is possibly the clearest explanation of Austrian business cycle ever written!

Your favorite media pundit isn't going to tell you the truth, so read this book! It's an amazing weapon in the intellectual battle that is taking place today!

The Federal Reserve System and the other elements of central banking are the real source of our troubles, and Woods explains this precisely. He also gives easy to understand explanations of the gold standard and other commodity-based monetary systems, giving you the knowledge to understand and explain why the arguments against them, are all wrong.

Arm yourself with the intellectual capacity to defend freedom and the free market system today. Read Meltdown!

“A must-read. Writing with remarkable clarity and occasional mordant humor, Thomas Woods makes a compelling argument for a radical turn to the free market as the only way to prevent meltdowns from recurring.” - Barron’s

“An excellent reading source for anyone interested in financial markets, and much more so for anyone interested in learning about capitalism without all the misinterpretations being thrown about in the financial media.” - Asia Times

"The best one-stop analysis of the recession available, which makes it the book to give anyone who wants to understand how government intervention caused this mess and how Austrian economics can explain those causes and the problems with the proposed cures." - The Freeman

“This book actually gets things right. It correctly identifies our problems, their causes, and what we should do about them. It treats the architects of this debacle not with the undeserved reverence they receive in Washington and on television, but with the critical eye that is so conspicuously missing from our supposedly independent thinkers in academia and the media." - Rep. Ron Paul

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