Seriously. Do you choose to be free? Or do you choose to be a slave? Now is ...

A Time for Choosing

Scott Brown Could Deny the Dems 60 in the Senate

Sometimes it really does all come down to one legislator or one vote — political history has an alarming way of providing such examples and thus denying us the cynical comfort of indifference to short-term outcomes ... Scott Brown, who would rob the Democrats of the sixty votes needed to stop a filibuster of their healthcare-socializing bill. The lives of hundreds of millions of people may be palpably worse in the next few decades if he loses on Tuesday.

because his daughter’s really hot!

Will the Massachusetts Miracle be Stolen?

[P]olls are showing the race nearly too close to call. This causes me some concerns over the typical Democratic tactics in close races. Namely, that they are going to engage in voter fraud to pull out a win. The dead will vote, Democrat allied organizations might fill up buses or vans and take voters from poll to poll, and fake absentee ballots will arrive in a flood.

Preserving Our Liberties

The 10th amendment must be asserted, federalism with robust states' rights, small and limited government at all levels. Insist your local Representative's live up to your values.

John Locke wrote that whenever the legislature shall transgress this fundamental rule of society, and either by ambition, fear, folly, or corruption, endeavor to grasp themselves, or put into the hands of any other, an absolute power over the lives, liberties, and estates of the people, by this breach of trust they (the government officials) forfeit the power the people put into their hands...Still not ready to be a "REBEL"

Live Free or Die


this is what i advocate, stated in a straightforward manner.--

i advocate armed insurrection to excise radical leftist politicians and marxism from our body politic, if necessary. i see very little to cause me to suppose that it is not necessary, nor to convince me that sooner is not better.

the time has come to act overtly. and, to openly organize to carry out the goal of taking our country back. the first step? do not pay your taxes. the next step? acquire suitable arms and necessary ammunition. then? organize into militia and action teams. the final step? lethal violence directed towards our oppressors, ... , they are easy enough to identify.

The Two-Party System: A Catastrophic Failure

The Republican and Democratic parties have divided the American people over fundamental moral values, they have failed to rectify longstanding national problems, and their existence chiefly benefits special interest groups, politicians, and mega-corporate executives. As George Washington wrote, the constant alternation of two parties in the federal government would be a “frightful despotism.”

Rockefeller Republicans

A state that annually exacts in taxes half of a citizen's income is more oppressive, financially, than the despotisms of old. In the ancient monarchies of China, a tax load of more than ten percent would have been thought unjust. Excessive taxation is a major cause of the decline and fall of great states ...

Why the Tyrants Can Never Win

Pilgrims didn’t come to the New World for welfare handouts or government-run health care. Instead, they risked their lives and everything they had for just a shot a freedom – a shot at being left alone by an abusive and meddlesome government. They knew full well that starvation, disease, or any number of cruel fates could befall them, but for freedom they came anyway. More and more people flocked to the New World for the same reason. It is this unwritten right to be left alone by one’s government, sink or swim, that permeates the U.S. Constitution. No human document can be perfect, but this dream the Founders gave us in the form of the Constitution is the closest humanity has come to fully unleashing the power and splendor of true freedom in this world.

Our Founders had a profound understanding of human nature and of the burning desire for freedom that is planted in the very essence of who we are as human beings. This is why the Constitution was written so as to allow that yearning for freedom to flourish and grow. Our Founders knew that each person would have the best opportunity to achieve their potential when not chained by an oppressive government. Barack Obama’s statements that the Constitution is a “deeply flawed” document only serve to reveal his deeply flawed and naive understanding of human nature, and what it means to be a truly free people. Not only that, but he has completely missed the point of the Constitution, and the precious American dream that our Founders bought for us with their sweat and blood.

We’ve been told for far too long that it is too hard to be free. Our Founders showed us how to be free in far more difficult times than we are facing today. They were willing to sacrifice their lives if necessary so that we would have precisely these choices that nanny state proponents tell us are too hard for us. The Founders weren’t willing to sacrifice their freedoms just because times were tough and they would be appalled today that some Americans are willing to lay down their hard-won freedoms because of sheer laziness. Welfare, government-run health care, and a cradle-to-grave nanny state is NOT freedom, it is the essence of captivity and tyranny.

America loves a fighter!

Third Parties

Third parties have a dreadful track record in US political history. There are huge formal and informal obstacles to their success. That doesn’t mean a tea party could not emerge. First, I’m not a statistician, however, my hunch is there are not enough prior instances, say, in the last 100 years, to “prove” a third party cannot win. (Perot was leading the polls before he self-destructed.) Further, the best route for a third party is not to “join the crowd,” but to wholly replace one of the two parties. That is in my view the most likely approach for a tea party. That is what happened from 1856-1860: in just four years, the Whigs disappeared and outside the South were replaced by the Republicans. If you take the current Republican Party and subtract the grassroots tea party folks, there isn’t much left other than hacks and the country club Republicans. Thus, in principle, a tea party could simply replace the GOP and thereby obviate concerns over splitting the anti-Democratic vote. If a tea party did emerge, we could once again have an anti-statist party in America.

Deep thinking makes my head hurt.....