"Workers of the world unite" is the rallying cry of Marxist revolutionaries. This mantra is so well-known and specific to it's cause (communism), there's no way it can be "taken out of context."

This is what Andy Stern, the head of SEIU and President Barack Obama's most frequent White House guest, said during a discussion about his planned globalization of SEIU.

"Because workers of the world unite, it's not just a slogan anymore."
- Andy Stern, SEIU President

The following video is a clip from Glenn Beck's show, where you'll see the video of Andy Stern making the statement.

The "Fix" Is In.
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What You Need to Know About Andy Stern:

Why He Matters (emphasis added)workers-of-the-world-unite

As president of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Stern leads more than two million service workers.

That makes Stern an influential, and sometimes controversial, leader ... demanding nothing less than a new direction for the labor movement in the 21st century economy.

During Stern’s presidency, the SEIU has doubled in size to two million members. It’s the largest and fastest-growing union as well as the largest political action committee, if you measure in dollars spent, Stern said.

Stern calls overhauling the U.S. health-care system his “top priority.”

One of the SEIU’s legislative imperatives is passing the Employee Free Choice Act, which would make it easier for workers to unionize. The act contained a controversial provision called “card check” [eliminating] the secret ballot election that is currently necessary in order to unionize, workers could be pressured into supporting unions.

Discover Andy Stern

Stern was trained in the tactics of radical activism at the Midwest Academy, which was formed by former Students for a Democratic Society members Paul and Heather Booth. This Academy was created to teach leftist community organizers how to promote social change and infiltrate the labor movement.

Stern first joined SEIU as a member in 1973 and quickly rose through its ranks. In 1980 he was named to SEIU's Executive Board, and four years later John Sweeney, then-President of the union, placed Stern in charge of SEIU's organizing efforts.

In the 1980s and 1990s, Stern was a key organizer of SEIU's "Justice for Janitors" campaign demanding added benefits on behalf of cleaning and maintenance workers in Los Angeles. Using (with Sweeney's approval) New Left tactics from the 1960s, Stern and his cohorts led strikers -- who wore red shirts and carried signs depicting brooms held in clenched fists -- in blocking access to a number of city streets.

In 1996 Stern succeeded Sweeney as SEIU President.

Stern also has steered his union toward partisan politics. "We're going to build the strongest grassroots political voice in North America," he told more than 3,000 SEIU delegates in his June 2004 national convention address in San Francisco.

At that same convention, Stern and SEIU pledged to spend $40 million for more than 2,000 organizers to work full time against President George W. Bush's re-election bid in 17 key battleground states. That figure was later augmented by an additional $25 million which SEIU spent on voter-registration, voter-education, and get-out-the-vote initiatives. At Stern's behest, the union also supplied some 50,000 "volunteers" from its member rolls to aid the aforementioned organizers during the days and weeks just prior to Election Day.

workers-of-the-world-unite-2Stern is a leading figure in the so-called Shadow Party, a nationwide network of more than five-dozen unions, non-profit activist groups, and think tanks whose agendas are ideologically leftist, and who are engaged in campaigning for the Democrat Party. In July 2003, Stern -- along with fellow Shadow Party leaders Harold Ickes, Steve Rosenthal, Ellen Malcolm, and Jim Jordan -- formed America Votes, a national coalition of grassroots, get-out-the-vote organizations.

n 2007 Stern helped organize Working For Us (WFU), a political action committee that seeks to "elect lawmakers who support a progressive political agenda." Aiming to move the Democratic Party ever further to the political left, Stern and WFU work to prevent conservative and moderate Democrats from gaining too much influence in government.

Andy Stern advocates the 'Global Power' and 'Persuasion of Power' ...

Inside Andy Stern’s culture of corruption

Excerpted from Culture of Corruption, “Chapter 7: SEIU – Look for the union label”

Stern roared about “rebalancing power between wealth and work” to “make sure everyone shares in the wealth of a growing economy.” Echoing Obama’s 2007 speech to the SEIU political action conference, union boss Stern condemned the old way of doing business and called on American to “turn the page” on behalf of hard-working Americans and their families.

But just two weeks before Stern and company gathered in the Mile High City to celebrate Obaman’s coronation,, the Los Angeles Times published an explosive investigative series about the SEIU, Although the series got surprisingly little attention from national news organizations, L.A. Times reporters exposed how one of Stern’s top protégés “shared in the wealth” –— by siphoning off hundreds of thousands of dollars in dues money for his personal enrichment and pleasure. Moreover, the paper alleged, Stern helped cover up the scandal. No wonder they keep urging us to “turn the page.”

This Is Frightening.

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